Policy Briefings

As key studies reveal, ‘transversal skills’ – which include communication, team-working, customer interactions, problem solving, learning, planning and organisation – are of increasing importance to fast changing employment. In addition, the rise of artificial intelligence, the economic impact of conflict, and an increasing number of unanticipated ecological crises require a global workforce that is tenacious, adaptive, entrepreneurial and inventive and whose skills can transpose easily across multiple sectors.
And yet transversal skills are not consistently defined nor sufficiently understood within education or industry. For this reason, the main objective of an education- and industry-facing White Paper, as well as the audience-specific Policy Briefings, is to call for a policy-driven reevaluation and reclassification of graduate qualifications – one that, by giving greater importance to transversal skills, will increase graduate employability, employment sector mobility and address the current effective or perceived skills shortages. 

You can download the full White Paper and the Policy Briefings below.



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