The results of the survey have become the basis for an interactive database which generates visualisations depending on selected criteria (choice of answer groups). The most interesting data are shared below. If you would like to explore results from the survey and generate your own graphs, follow this link. They are free to use under the condition of citation (Erasmus+ 2019-1-UK01-KA203-062062 'Architecture's Afterlife: The Multisector Impact of an Architectural Qualification').




Only 62 % of architecture graduates are engaged in practice in the narrow sense of a 'building architect'




>2600 respondents

The majority were reached through alumni offices.



The respondents are currently based in 65 countries. The darker colour denotes a larger percentage of responses.



Average age of respondents: 38 years. Percentage of responses according to year of birth are depicted below.



Asked if they could choose again, would they opt for an architecture program, the majority answered yes.



22 % of respondents with a degree in architecture also completed other studies. 50% of these were in a field related to architecture.


Examinees which have left building architecture work in the following sectors and industries:


Skills and knowledge aquired during studies

Skills and knowledge used in current profession

Soft skills / behaviours / emotional competences acquired in architectural education and most used in current professions

This full database will be made available for search to institutions or researchers after the project ends. If you would like access to this database, please write us through the 'Get in touch' section from the website's menu.