First Transnational Meeting at the Royal College of Art, London

On 13 December 2019, we met in London at the Royal College of Art for our first two-day Transnational Meeting. The partners restated the objectives and methodological approach of Architecture’s Afterlife together with the research timeline. The project aims to study why on average, 40% of European Architecture graduates migrate to sectors other than architecture. The Architecture’s Afterlife survey and interviews will allow us to understand the quantitative and qualitative aspect of this migration and also to collect important data including dropout rates by school and country, or professional choices by gender. We had a preliminary conversation on the findings from a survey entitled “Architectural Education: A Progression Inquiry” which was launched in January 2018 and provided initial data for developing Architecture’s Afterlife. The layout and content of the Architecture’s Afterlife website was also discussed including the philosophy of the study, a descriptive bibliography, reports of the Multiplier and Transnational Meetings, the findings from the 2018 survey and the link to the Architecture’s Afterlife survey.


First Transnational Meeting at the Royal College of Art_MINUTES.pdf